Starts June 19th - KICK A$$ SALES GAME


If you are a Salesperson, Corporate Executive, or an Entrepreneur, and having challenges increasing your sales revenue, then this course is for YOU!!!

I designed a new "gamification" to sales and it all started when I reflected on how I took my sales career to a new level a few years back. I closed a million dollar commission, not once, but a couple of times.

yes, I said, "Commissions", not deal size or revenue, I mean commissions payable to me and my company!

I am unleashing all my secrets and will be coaching you live for the next 30 days, every day! 

 Here is what you get!

  • Introduction to the "GAME"
  • Coaching you through the "GAME"
  • 30 Days of "LIVE" online group coaching 
  • Secure Private Platform
  • Weekly Webinar Sales Training
  • The P.O.S.E to Close Strategies
  • Unique Sales Tactics
  • Sales Success Playbook
  • Daily Motivation
  • Daily Insight
  • Invite to my Inner Circle group to meet my mentors
  • 90-day action plan to create your own Kick A$$ Sales
  • so much more...

The Kick A$$ Sales Game

In this course, you will learn my technique that landed me million dollar commissions and how I used this "Kick Ass Sales Game" to attract more high ticket sales year after year while building all of my businesses. In my 25 plus years of selling, I have mastered the "Art of Closing" and now for the first time ever I am opening up the game to you. I have been privately coaching this game to my students for more than $10,000 and finally decided to make this available for a very inexpensive amount. I look forward to having you join the group and learn some amazing new skills and mindset techniques from me and my mentors! Sincerely, Christopher Cumby

$1,998.00 USD